Having been fortunate enough to spend much of the last two years in one of the worlds top Japanese Pro Wrestling dojos, I often get asked about the level in which which we are expected to train at and to give them an idea of what to aim for.

The following is just a rough guide of what you should aim to achieve if you wish to follow a similar path or even if just wish to up your own personal conditioning level.

20 minutes of various stretching, rolling & tumbling to warm up.

V Crunches (50 reps/2 sets)

Leg Raises (50 reps/2 sets)

Oblique Crunches (50 reps/3 sets)

Back Extensions (30 reps/3 sets)

Chair Elevated Push Ups (30 reps/10 sets)

Hindu Push Ups (50reps/2sets)

Reverse Hindu Push Ups  (50reps/2sets)

Various neck strengthening excercises (to be covered next time)

3 minute timed wrestlers bridge

Hindu Squats (500reps/1 set)

Jumping Squats (50reps/2 sets)

Between 30/45 seconds rest between in each set. Ideally train with a partner so you can rest while you alternate, counting for them to keep tempo.

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